DrKPI Social Sharing Index

Are people sharing? Does your blog content catalyze social contagions?
This information is compared to similar blogs (e.g., type of content – travel, fashion or R&D blog and / or country, ) in order to benchmark your blog against industry leaders.
The Ripple Score (you are here) is a comment-analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to the type of ripple your blog posts generate to obtain the score ranging from 0 (worst) through 100 (best). In this context, the term means to stir up small waves with a blog post that create a ripple effect experienced far beyond its immediate location.

Social Sharing - what kind of Ripple does your content produce on the web?The  Ripple Score  is part of what makes up the DrKPI BlogRankThe latter is calculated by using  five indices: Headline Score Text Complexity Score, First Impressions Score,  Ripple Score (you are here) (Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter AND Facebook) and the  Engagement Score.

This score is currently made up of several components as listed below.

Ripple Index – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

The more users engage with your brand´s content on the corporate blog, the better. We created a ripple metric based on that called the Ripple Score which we monitor across Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter in our Analytics.

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How do we calculate the final score

In short, the number we get above are then used. The  Ripple Score ranges from 0 to 100. This score can then be used to rank your blog compared to the others.

The z-scores for the above indicators are added up to get an overall z-score.  This information is calculated into an overall score. Click here to find out how we process the raw data.

The actual DrKPI Ripple Score number is used in the DrKPI algorithm to help determine the DrKPI BlogRank of the blog, website or other social media effort being benchmarked.

At this point, the overall scores are compared and rescaled using 100 as the top score.

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