Who is behind DrKPI?

Synopsis: We help your company to identify what type of social media work and engagement is needed. This includes setting your social media strategy and helping you put it into practice. A cost-benefit analysis including KPIs is usually part of such work.

DrKPI ticks differently. At heart we are geeks. Of course, we love social media marketing. However, our focus and work is always influenced by a cost-benefit analysis.

The financial numbers ultimately represent our scorecard. But it is important to better understand how we scored. Hence, we focus on the most important drivers or operating metrics regarding success or failure in social media marketing.

Accordingly, we support clients in understanding what contribution social media marketing makes for achieving satisfactory operating metrics. One operating metric could be striving for higher customer retention.

Quote-from-William-Bruce-Cameron 'Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.'
‘Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.’

The above quote also indicates that we must chose to measure those things that matter to the bottom line.  The above saying is often attributed to Albert Einstein but is mostly likely coming from William Bruce Cameron.

Cameron’s quote also implies that we may collect much data that, in the final analysis, is useless. Furthermore, big data may be imprecise if not wrong. Accordingly, we adhere by the philosophy that less is often more.   Nevertheless, what we collect as data must provide us with insights on how to improve performance to score higher next quarter.

Using the right KPIs can help to raise influence of a corporate blog and how its content is being shared. Furthermore, if done smartly, reputation as well as corporate image are helped as well.

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Important characteristics

  • We use tools that we have developed from ground zero and continue to refine to help our clients – DrKPI Blog Benchmark and the Social Media Audit Tool.
  • intuitive dashboards
  • user controls what data is being collected
  • different options to filter data and insights
  • optimized data coverage
  • transparent pricing
  • high levels of customer satisfaction

About us

DrKPI – CyTRAP Labs GmbH is a full service agency for social media marketing. We started blogging in 1999 (at the time still a newsboard) and support our clients, such as Alpiq In-Tec AG, BASF, Careum, Financial Times,  STRIMgroup AG, European Commission, Orphanbiotec-Foundation and other organizations in all areas concerning social media marketing.

Our tools evolve from our experiences as a publisher and user of the social web.  These insights are built into our DrKPI Blog Benchmark Tool. The latter can be used by a variety of organizations to optimise their blog(s).


4 thoughts on “Who is behind DrKPI?

  • 6. October 2015 at 7:34

    Hello Sir,
    I have submitted my blog (www.stylenob.com) and have received your report. Thanks for detail analysis. However I have a query, my blog is primarily a ‘interior design & home decor’ category, but while adding i did not find that option so had to add under ‘fashion’ category so am not sure how relevant it will be to benchmark my blog with fashion blogs. Can you pls help me regarding this?

    Thank You,


    • 6. October 2015 at 19:18

      Dear Sneha

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment. I am also glad to hear that you find the report you got useful

      1. I think the category is correct. Fashion does also include furnishing, homes and interior design, for instance. So I think you are in good company.

      2. If you look at the data for your blog here: http://drkpi.com/rank/*/www.stylenob.com click on more info and then social shares or image (buttons at the bottom)
      These will provide you with more info.

      3. Finally, I recommend that with your blog, you add to each blog post an author. This makes it all a bit more authentic like we do here. In turn, the author can then also personally add comments (e.g., I left one here http://www.stylenob.com/indian-cottage-house-design/. My picture is there so now I hope for a reply from the author with a picture as well 🙂

      Hope this is useful. If we can do more for you, just drop me a comment I will answer as I did here.

      • 7. October 2015 at 12:04

        Thanks alot Sir, that was helpful. Yes i shall surely put up author box,thanks again for recommending.

        • 7. October 2015 at 13:53


          You are very welcome.
          I will watch your blog to see the change happening soon 🙂

          Answering reader comments is very important indeed. Moreover, people like to know for each blog entry who is behind it, i.e. the authors name at least.

          That is easy to do with any blogging software such as WordPress.
          Good luck and let me know how it works out.



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