DrKPI’s Benchmark: Rating and ranking blogs

Using DrKPI’s Technology

This is not yet as complete as we want it to be. If you need detail and read German, visit “DrKPI Benchmark für den Business Blog

The technology is rooted in an algorithm created by Urs E. Gattiker, Ph.D.  (Click here to view the study explaining the algorithm.)

The purpose of computer coding in general, and the DrKPI Method specifically, is to “take as data a potentially large set of text documents. These are then automatically coded into set of mutually exclusive and exhaustive categories. As well, quantitative data is assesses (e.g., how many words in a blog post).  As output, the methods give approximately unbiased and statistically consistent estimates of the proportion of all documents from each assessed blog in each category.”


DrKPI software examines online content provided by corporate blogs from the Australia, Brasil, Canada, France, Ireland, South Africa, Spain, USA and around the world. This provides researchers with analysis of a much wider pool of content than conventional human coding can provide. DrKPI maintains a database of all texts available so content can be investigated retroactively.


DrKPI’s sample includes thousands of corporate blogs from North America, Europe and around the world. While the blogosphere is growing every day, it is impossible to create a sample that includes all possible blogs. However, DrkPI’s universe is one of the largest blog samples available and includes all of the Fortune 500 companies anbd FT Global 500 most popular English-language as well as German, French, Spanish and so forth corporate blogs.

8 thoughts on “DrKPI’s Benchmark: Rating and ranking blogs

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  • 2. August 2014 at 22:20

    This is a great post about how to better measure your media effectiveness. The technology works.
    Please keep working on it, we love using it 🙂

    • 3. August 2014 at 9:10

      Dear Los Lunas real estate

      Thank sor your feedback. Yes of course we are happy to hear that you use our technology with success for your own business.

      We always appreciate feedback and, of course, love to hear from our clients near and far. We also are keen to learn about your and other clients’ tribulations and successes with using our tools. Recommendations for improvements, changes and so forth are, of course, most welcome.

      Thanks again for the shout.

  • 18. September 2014 at 22:24

    In day to day life, the well known football players are becoming a role model to motivate the youths.
    But how well do their blogs do is here the question.
    This is a great tool for measuring how well they are doing? YES.
    Thanks for sharing and the videos you show on http://DrKPI.de are helpful to.

  • 8. October 2014 at 18:56

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!
    This spells it out succinctly and makes it easy to follow your train of thought and, most importantly, method that is being used. I have to use this product to imporve my own blog.

  • 23. January 2015 at 2:36

    I have to thank my dad for getting me to look at this page.

    I love this list of the Top 100 CEO Bloggers. It is quite interesting. I am also a bit surprised, how difficult it seems to be for some to get reader engagement.

    Urs, why do you think this is the case or why is this such a problem?

    • 24. January 2015 at 17:09

      Hi Henrietta

      This is actually the wrong place for making this comment. I am sure you wanted to write it here:
      WEF Davos Top 100 CEO Bloggers

      I think there are TWO major reasons for people refraining from commenting on CEO Blogs:

      1. It does not always sound authentic or talks about the company too much.
      2. Comments are not being answered at all.

      If these points can be eliminated, we are off to a much better start then is currently often the case with CEO blog.s

      Henrietta, I hope this helps.
      Salue, Urs

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