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Professor Urs E. Gattiker, Ph.D., is CEO of CyTRAP Labs that provides smart data, training and solutions to optimize content strategy, increase reach, strengthen your brand and secure GDPR compliance). He also is COO of iVAULT that provides multi-purpose blockchain solutions, safeguarding supply chains against fraud and counterfeit (see his books).

8 thoughts on “5 steps for creating viral content

  • 7. September 2015 at 8:27

    Hi Urs

    Thanks for this interesting post. I just came across an interesting information here:
    Snapchat videos reportedly are being viewed 4 billion times a day, comparable to Facebook’s daily video views as of April.

    That is a very interesting trend. I wonder how this will make it tougher for Twitter and Facebook …. to sell advertising on user videos. But maybe all these usage numbers will continue to go up?

  • 7. September 2015 at 8:36

    Dear KBZ

    Thanks for sharing. The article you pointed to from the LA Times reveals the following interesting tidbits:

    1. “Snapchat charges 10 cents for each ad viewed.”
    2. On Snapchat’s “Live Stories” the company has 4 slots “…for ads in the stories, each ad running 10 seconds.”
    3. Over 6 weeks last fall, the company generated $3 million selling its first 8 or so ads
    That paled in comparison to the $129mio in expenses Snapchat incurred in the first 11 months in 2014.
    4. Advertisers love Snapchat’s 100mio users of which 45% are between 18 to 24 years old.

    Very interesting link. Thanks again.

    • 7. September 2015 at 15:41

      Dear KBZ

      Incidentally, the article you mentioned has more interesting data, for instance:

      Snapchat has had in August 2015:

      – 4bn daily video views compared to
      – 4bn daily video views Facebook reported in April 2015.

      Amazing is all I can say.

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  • 26. April 2016 at 3:12

    Very much informative.

    Following those tips provided by this article of yours will really bring up something good and useful.

    Internet marketing is connected to social media as is blogging.

    The article provides good insights about what needs to be done to accomplish viral marketing – besides a bit of luck.

    Here is an article that will educate you on how to have more social media followers: http://www.siteabove.com/how-to-get-more-social-media-followers/.

    • 26. April 2016 at 11:49

      Dear Amara Heslin

      Thanks so much for your comment on our blog and linking in your comment to this post so I could find it

      I am not sure if followers on Twitter or readers of your corporate blog is a great proxy for how much you influence people.

      I would, for instance, prefer looking at engagement. The latter can be measured on how much dialogue you have in your blog or what percentage of your Twitter Followers clicks on the URLs you include in your Tweets.

      Of course, getting more readers or followers also requires that you post new content regularly. Twitter accounts that have no new content for months may not influence many people very much. Will they? Maybe same applies for blogs or websites? At least this is what our tool DrKPI.com suggests from benchmarking thousands of blogs.

      I appreciate your suggestions made in your blog post very much. In addition, we probably need to test some of your suggestions and ideas to see if they result in the outcomes you predict.
      I love to see numbers on these issues. Do you have any numbers on this issue?

      Thanks so much for sharing Amara.


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