Dolce & Gabbana: When reputation damages brand

Madonna entered the Elton John-Dolce & Gabbana feud over their controversial IVF comments.

But how do such things affect the brand. Does it lower Dolce & Gabbana’s reputation with their clients?

Should they care or just smile like Benetton did with its outrageous ads that caused plenty of public outcries during the nineties?

Here is how it works ! Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to the rescue of Dolce & Gabanna.

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Can infographics show you the money?

History teaches that deception is an easy way to get people’s attention.

Some infographics may accentuate the positive to point us to the truth. But many just create confusion.
Well thought out research questions are the foundation of actionable insights presented in an infographic.

We explain how to make infographics this work for you.

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Searching for love? Metrics can help

Do you use selfies or relfies? Does this help when searching for love, a home or job? We tell you how.

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