What is marketing automation ?

At its lowest level it enables the automation of repetitive tasks, lie mail replies to customer requests.
At a next level, marketing experts use programmable tools such as a chatbot.
The result in such a case is a single correct answer (i.e. deterministic outome, deliver my Pizza Margherita).
But will this enable us to have Japan’s bento lunchboxes filled by a robot?

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Hidden ad costs: Google’s not mobile?

In Canada, Japan and the U.S., most search traffic Google registers on its site comes from people using mobile devices.

But how much do mobile ads affect users’ smartphone?
Slow down network traffic?
Put a drain on your battery life?
Lower one’s user experience?

Key take-away #1: Google is rolling out mobile ads in the hope to get a larger share of the advertising pie.

==> Get the Rest => 3 take-aways about smartphones and advertising

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