Which blog metrics matter?
Who blogs smarter?
Why do some blogs get shared in social networks, while others do not?
Find the answers studying these blog entries listed below.

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DrKPI BlogRank: What do these numbers mean - FAQs
1.1  “What does the column labelled ‘category and country‘ mean?
Category and country means in comparison to all style and fashion blogs in that country. For instance, all lawyer blogs in the USA.

1.2  “What does it mean when the blog gets 60 points in ‘category and land’?
In case of the lawyer or finance blogs, this means all blogs in this category and country (e.g., Canada).
All numbers were standardized (statistical procedure). Then the best blog got 100 points, the one in the middele / Mean got 50 points.
60 points the blog is better than the average blog in this category of American football blogs.

1.3 “What does it mean when a blog scores 53 points in the category “All Blogs”?”
This number means that the style blogger compared to all other active blogs in the database. Active ones are those that released 1 post or more within the last 90 days. The blog is, therefore, better than the average blog in our database.

But careful. This benchmark is based on thousands of blogs about such themes as finance, marketing, renewable energy, public policy and analytics/metrics. We also find in this database the corporate blog, the travel blogger or a senator’s blog.

1.4 “Why is this influential blog not ranked in the top 10?”

For starters, we do not count how many likes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter followers a star blogger might have. We just focus on the blog.

We take into consideration the headlines of blog entries, first impression (e.g., how well is the text structured and are there fotos inserted), writing style, knowledge transfer, social shares (e.g., how often is this blog entry shared on Facebook, Google+…) and the dialogue with readers (e.g., do readers comment and does the blogger answer his readers) (Wir sind transparent, hier die Erklärungen für den DrKPI BlogRank).

These key performance indicators we compare for each blog and its entries that were posted within the last 90 days. Based on these numbers we calculate the ranking as outlined above.


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