DrKPI Management Team

In short: this is the management team for CyTRAP Labs GmbH, an innovative company that focuses on impact metrics and provides strategic measurement of marketing activities with its AI tools and software brand DrKPI®.

According to the Financial Times, his DrKPI BlogRank software has become the standard for impact metrics in content marketing.

Besides strategic marketing the company provides data protection services to mitigate risks and support companies in becoming compliant for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and, for instance, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.


Prof. Dr. Urs E. Gattiker, did an apprenticeship in the hotel business. Thereafter he studied business. His MBA and Ph.D. (Business/End-user Computing/Industrial Psychology) he got from Claremont Graduate University (California).

He taught at different universities in the areas of management, innovation and technology such as in the USA (Stanford University and Claremont McKenna College),  Canada (The University of Lethbridge), Denmark (Aalborg University), Germany (University of the German Federal Armed Forces) und Australia (Melbourne Business School).

He has authored and edited several books such as “Social Media Audit: Measuring for Impact” (2013) and “Social Media Audit: Profits for the Bottom Line” (2014).
His book “Technology Management and Organizations” was one of the first that tried to asses Silicon Valley’s effects on innovation management, recruiting and training.

About 8 years ago he decided to launch another company CyTRAP Labs.

His favorite App is the ACM Digital Library.
Email: Urs.Gattiker@DrKPI.ch


Werner Klauser grew up in the USA and attended primary andsecondary including High School there. At the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) he got a master in informatics and engineering (dipl. Informatik-Ing. ETH).

After finishing his studies he founded a software start-up. Its success and growth attracted the interest of a global software vendor that launched a takeover.

At CyTRAP Labs – DrKPI he is responsible for Software Engineering. He lives in Finland.

His favorite App is “Learning Finnish”.
Email: Werner@DrKPI.com



Jana Akyildiz is Chief Usability Designer of CyTRAP Labs – DrKPI.
Her favorite App is EyeEm
Email: Jana@DrKPI.de


Monika Fischer is Projekt Manager of CyTRAP Labs – DrKPI.
Her favorite App ist Zenkit
Email: Monika.Fischer@DrKPI.de


Franziska Stadler is Accounting Manager of CyTRAP Labs – DrKPI.
Her favorite App is ….
Email: Franziska.Stadler@DrKPI.de